Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lake Shore Trail by Shelving Rock Falls

Yup, we went hiking again.  I love this one.  It’s more of a walk than a hike, not too long and fairly flat. The majority is wide and sandy except for a small patch at the beginning of the Shelving Rock trail entry.  Can’t beat this for a path.

You can get there by boat,

The outlet for the falls.

Lots of fungi!  Chanterelle maybe???

or on horseback.
I didn't see any actual horses but thought you would rather see little trail marker instead of the other "evidence" that horse riders do, indeed, use the trail.  'Nuf said.

Lots of places to stop for a picnic, fishing, sunbathing, or our choice that day, just reading.
Nature made a surprisingly comfortable rocky chair.

Mr. E. with his ancient oversized Kindle.
View from our Rocky chairs looking out over the lake.

and straight ahead.
Every time I hike I tell Brian that what I hear is often as beautiful as what I see.  Leaves blowing in the wind, water falls tricking or crashing down, and burbling brook (Yes, burbling IS a word.) He finally said, "You do know there is a video function on the camera, right?"  THAT"S what that little squiggle is!  Check out my Shelving Rock Falls video.  I finally figured out how to get a video on my blog! Well, I think I did.  Let me know if it doesn't work.



  1. Oh what a lovely place! I could sit and read there all day long! I tried to click on your video and it said, "This video is private". Are you keeping it all to yourself???!!!

    1. Okay! I think I've fixed it. I'm using YouTube as suggested by Blogger. What a pain setting that up! I pity the poor person who sees the video on YouTube without the post to understand why on earth I put it up. Oh, well!

  2. Gorgeous pics - love the brilliantly coloured 'shrooms! The video works just fine - did you have a tripod? I tried taking video from the boat cruise last weekend but everything is a blur as the boat was apparently going 1400 mph, judging by the quality of the video I got!