Monday, May 27, 2013

The Pillow Sham Substitute

I have a love-hate relationship with pillow shams.  I love the way they look when professionals set them up for photo shoots, but hate the work to get that look on a daily basis.  I've resorted to  putting an extra set of pillows in the shams and throwing them in the chair at night.  To avoid this "pillow sham", (yes, it was a really bad play on words, but I couldn't resist it) I made what others now call a bed scarf for a pillow cover.

This is easier to take on and off and somewhat camouflages the fact that our pillows are different.  I like a smaller one than Brian.  
yup, that is a tree stump in the garden quilt
Why a tree stump in a "garden" quilt?  The quilt-along had 12 blocks and I needed 22 as the project grew and grew.  I know most people would not be showcasing a tree stump but, I actually have some amusing memories of digging out tree stumps in our yard.

As for the squirrel below, I do have squirrels in the garden, but cannot say I have fond memories of these beasts.  I once found one dragging my entire bird feeder across the street.  


  1. I have a quilt on my bed - it's a scrappy string quilt I made several years ago. We use it year round - I love it, although sometimes I feel like it's going to suffocate me because it's very heavy (foundation pieced string blocks, backed with flannel, 100" x 100" - it weighs a ton!). Despite the hours of work I put in that quilt, we use regular unmatched pillowcases on our pillows - hubby uses 2 pillows and I use 4, so I have 6 ugly pcases on my handmade quilt - that's even worse than not having sewing machine covers on my machines - BAD SEWER, BAD! I like the idea of a bed scarf - there's no way hubby would put away the bed pillows and get out different ones when he goes to bed, but he *would* toss a bed scarf onto my side of the bed, lol!

  2. Your pillow scarf and quilt really do look FABULOUS!!! So neat and tidy and looks great. Even if I had a lovely quilt and pillow scarf, my bed would never look this tidy.

  3. love the quilt and the idea of the pillow scarf! i think this would work great for us since my hubby hates having extra pillows on the bed and taking them off at night.