Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Finished Handbag

FINALLY!  I do wish I had gone with the "do a muslin first" rule on this project.  This bag has many things that worked out well, but others will be changed the next time.  Now I wish I had saved these fabrics for that second version.

In any case, I'm going to show you the inside pieces first because the outside turned out to be just plain, old black.  I didn't have the right size piping that would have given it a nice contrast.  Should have waited to get that rather than rush to finish.  Oh, well.

Inside, the back has three pockets, two for glasses and sunglasses and the center one for a small water bottle.  I get migraines.  MUST have that water with me.
This next photos show the pockets before putting the pieces together.  I had no idea if this would work, but I love how it came out.  I made three separate pieces and sewed them in place.

I put a pleat in the glasses pockets so that large ones would fit, too.
The other side has a one-piece pocket all the way across, split into three sections.

The center of the inside has this insert sewn into the gusset with three sections for store coupons, my Kindle, and the iPad my husband now has to buy because I have a place for it. That is how this works, right?  If you make it, they will fill it.
The outside of the bag has an open pocket on one side.  I put in an elastic strip across (hope you can see it!) inside there with spots to hold a my phone, a pen, and a small notepad in place.  This elastic satisfies my "fear of the phone falling out" syndrome and the need to get to a ringing phone quickly. 

Other side has a flat zipper---first time doing one of those!  The penguin fabric in these two pockets is an homage to the original pattern that I was supposed to do.  That one had penguins on the outside.  I had to keep something from the original.
The outside piping was to have been in the solid rust/orange fabric I used on the inside.  Okay. Gotta show it.
It's just so plain.  The next bag gets piping.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers, mother-to-be, and potential mothers!  I once had a friend whose boyfriend gave her mother's day gifts because she was a potential mother.  Now that kind of guy is a keeper.


  1. Now that's my kind of bag with all those pockets. Great job on the pleated pockets and the three in one insert pocket. I like handbags in black, but it's a hard colour to photograph.

  2. I like how it turned out - you could always add a fabric yoyo or flower (with a brooch type pin) to colour it up a bit :) It's not enough that bags have pockets - they need to be the kind and number of pockets that we NEED. A cellphone needs to be safely contained but easily accessible - I'm surprised more bag designers don't take that into consideration - an open pocket on the outside just isn't going to cut it. I agree that if you make it, they will fill it (if they want to have any peace at home, anyways!) :D

  3. You sure thought of everything and I still can't believed you made this! I can't even sew a table runner!! I love that you pre-planned your iPad purchase by building a pocket for it! Please tell me you got one for Mothers Day!!
    Potential Mother!!! What a guy!

  4. you have been sewing up a storm! now if only i could find time to learn! hope you are doing well. enjoy your weekend!