Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The End of the Hat-Making Binge--I Promise! Recycled Jeans Hat

I got my most cooperative model to pose for me.  Never complains and always has a smile. 
She was one of my very first sewing projects.

What does it mean that the rag doll's head is almost as big as mine?  I always knew my head was a bit on the small side, but this is a whole new level of feeling inadequate. 
 I used some fabric from the old jeans pile.  A denim hat needed jeans-kinda buttons which I got from--where else?--the Snap Source online store.  Yes, they sell these tack buttons as well as snaps.
I could have used snaps that look like these buttons,
but I wanted to try the tack buttons, something I've not used before.  Aren't they beautiful? 

The tack part looks fine on the reverse side.
This does eliminate the possibility of adjusting size, but I don't need to adjust the size.
The random assortment tack buttons package included all these different designs and metals.
No, I'm not getting paid in any way for gushing endlessly about the company.  I'm just having fun with their products.

No more hats!  Well actually, there is that tulip petal hat that sewing muse Sandra did.  I'll wait at least a week to do it. Be sure to stop by Sandra's to see the hats she made.  Her models are adorable... in a...kind of....well,...different way.  I have it from a good source that she bribed them with baked good. 


  1. I love a nice upcycle (unless it involves toilet paper rolls - then it's a big ole NO THANKS) - I made a zipper bag today with upcycled jeans - a hat would be great as well! I didn't realize that Snap Source had those "tack buttons" - I need to investigate their site in more depth - they actually ship to Canada too, and don't charge a pirates ransom to do so (thanks, Snap Source!). My local fabric store calls those "bachelor buttons" - I have some downstairs - I had used some to embellish "manly" messenger bags (ones for little boys, hehe) - hats are another lovely use for them, especially since they have such a nice clean back (not like shank buttons) :) I think I'm going to have to order an assortment like you did - but only the ones that use the size 16 or 24 insert ;) BTW - I think you'll be doing some fun new hats soon ... HA!!

  2. P.S. It wasn't baked goods I bribed hubby with :)

  3. Wow, you have been so productive! I love the handbag, and the quilt, and the hats! Very cool. The jeans one is my favorite, it looks great! Would love to see you modelling your hat :-).
    big hug dear friend

  4. Next time we might see a hat on you, but in the meantime, it looks great on Raggedy Ann!! Denim hats go with lots of outfits, not to mention denim jeans. Jealous of all those buttons and snaps.