Monday, May 20, 2013

Still Playing With The Ponytail Hat Pattern

 Ta-da!    I'm on a bit of a hat-making binge.  This one is cotton with fusible medium-weight iron-on interfacing instead of the heavier fabric I used the last time.

 Will you look at those snaps, bubblegum pink pearl.  The Snap Setter people are gonna make a fortune off me.  This is like shopping for penny candy except it's eye candy.  At least the snap are not fattening.

Reversed to the other side, the hat is a lovely white with green dots.
I experimented by making a slight change in the back of the brim.  I rounded off the tips of the fabric just a bit. I'm not great at getting nice points. Rounding it off just a little made it easier for me to sew and turn. 

Sadly, I've run out of interfacing and will have to break down and clean the house for the rest of the day. 

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  1. HA love the hat - love the shape, love the snaps - love the fabrics --- between you and I, I think the Snap Setter owner will be driving a Corvette soon, lol! I'm in hat mode too - I finished my tulip petal hat tonight - I'm so excited! Did I tell you about the hat book I ordered from bookdepository?! Children's Sun Hats by Gillian Stratton - I can't wait to get it - it's en route so I'm eagerly stalking the mailman :D