Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ponytail Hat

Sewing Muse Sandra is doing a hat which reminded me that I bought a hat pattern I needed to try. 

It's a reversible ponytail  bucket hat.

Back with regular snaps instead of the magnetic ones the pattern calls for.

Other side!
The pattern directions call for magnetic snaps that are sewn in so they don't show from the outside.  I love my colored snaps and want to show them proudly.  Besides, my snaps were easier for me to put on and already in the house.

My purchased pattern is froFrom Winnie and Clem, and you can find it here:  
They also have a smaller size bucket ponytail hat pattern for sale.

 As it turns out, there are numbers of ponytail hat patterns out there--winter, scrub, baseball, and bucket hats.  Some are even free.  Here are a few of the free ones:

Winter Hat/Scarf,Mitten, Fingerless Glove AND a pocket pattern:

Cute Vintage Ponytail hat:

Blog tutorial to change a bucket hat to a ponytail hat:

If those don't work for you,  here are a few patterns for sale: 
Ponytail Scrub Hat:

OR you can get All 7 of her Surgical Scrub Hat Patterns:

Winnie and Clem also have a Baseball-style Ponytail Hat Pattern for Girls and Women:


  1. A few years ago (when I was still working) I bought an actual pony tail hat from Winnie and Clem. I didn't realise she had started selling her patterns. The hole for the pony tail is a great idea!!!

  2. I am loving the striped one on top! I rarely wear hats but mostly because I can't find hats I really love. This is darling!!