Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another Finish: The Garden Steps Quilt

Yay!  I finally finished Clover and Violet's Garden Steps Quilt. It has taken so long that the date of 2012 I so confidently embroidered in the corner block is now a bold lie.

I used one of the quilting stitches on my machine to do the front of the binding.

This method of binding (fold in half, sew to the back, and flip to the front) is new for me. For some reason, it seemed daunting.  As it turned out, it was so easy to do that I finished cutting, sewing and pressing the fabric strips AND sewing on the binding in a matter of hours. It sewed the binding on entirely by machine, front and back.

Better late than never, right?


  1. It's gorgeous!!! Doesn't the 2012 stand for the year it was started? ;) I do my bindings the same way (ever since I lost the dexterity to handstitch the binding down) :)

  2. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how each block is different... makes you want to look at it for longer and work out the different fabric combinations you've used. Ties together so well!!!

  3. Gorgeous! You do wonderful work, Baye!