Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Junk in the Trunk (No, not THAT Trunk)

This week  Danni's Tongue-in-Cheek Tuesday link party is all about junk--those places where we just seem to accumulate stuff.  Since I've been unemployed for a few years now, my junk has been my work.  I have gone from room to room organizing and  tossing.  I told my husband that I couldn't come up with anything to join in the party.  He pointed to my nightstand.
Okay.  Right.  My bad.  I clean this up and it fills right up again.  There is no excuse for those socks sitting in the middle of the mess.  There is really no excuse for this box of IPod and Kindle connections as well as too many headphones.
Certainly there is no reason for a book on cd set that I can only listen to in the sewing room, five pairs of reading glasses, three more headphone sets, pens and pencils, a nail file, and two lip glosses.

This is especially true since I have this drawer right underneath (and yet another pair of glasses).
 I really want it to look like my husband's nightstand below.  Those glasses?  Mine.  No wonder he pointed out my mess.  I'm infringing on his side now!
Once the "really needs to be gone stuff" was taken care of, I still had a problem.  I want all these things on the nightstand.  Too much and most of it out of reach from the bed! 
My solution once again involved sewing rectangles.  I have a thing for sewing with rectangles lately.  I came up with a fabric piece with pockets on the side near the bed to hold these "essentials".
 How's this? 
 Some close-ups of my pockets in action.

Thanks for the kick in the butt, Danni!


  1. What a great idea! Do you by any chance need 14,000 yards of fabric?

  2. Oh my gosh! How did you ever even sleep at night!! (and you went off on vacation with this messy nightstand??!!) And you thought you had it all neat and clean! Seriously, have not only tidied up your last mess...but you did it with style and flare! I want one of these! Actually I want one for Sam's night's genius my dear! I hope you'll be doing a tutorial for novices like me on this. In the that project up everywhere, because it's very cool!!

  3. hahaha, I might have a night stand that closely resembles yours! Well the before what a great idea, I find it fascinating how many of us now feeling guilty and swinging into clean up action :) Thanks for l;inking up xo

  4. Your pockets are awesome! What a great idea!! I think you just invented the pocket table runner. Genius!!!

  5. I love your solution!!! Great idea. It's so easy to just dump stuff and then forget it. Great job!

  6. OK - you're a genious!
    What a fabulous idea Baye - thanks so much for sharing!
    Kirby - what the hell are you doing with 14,000 yards of fabric?
    We're fabric agents and we don't have that LOL

  7. I think the reading glasses are a necessity, one pair in every room. I just don't know how all of mine end up in one room in the same place. And socks? My feet are cold so I understand why those are in the middle easy to find.


  8. Your sewing square pockets project is brilliant, I could really use a few, several in each room!! If you don't have a tutorial on that, we really need one! Thanks for sharing you junk - Amy

  9. This really made me chuckle - mostly because that's what my nightstand looks like (actually it's not just my nightstand!). That's a fab solution & I have no excuse not to make something similar. It's on my 'To Do' list once my next craft fair is done :)

  10. I love this view onto your night table! And your solution is genius!!! best of both worlds :-) xxx

  11. Well if this is the only area of clutter that you have in your house I bow down to your superior cleaning and organizing skills! I was going to suggest pockets, but I was thinking of the ones that hang down the side of the box springs. Glad you came up with a solution.