Monday, March 25, 2013

Fairy Doors

I have fairy doors--

 all over my house.  Some are as tiny as postage stamps.
 Some are as much as 7 or 8 inches high.
Most of them are in closets,
behind doors, or near heating vents.  Fairies like to be warm, but you know that!
Why is the house filled with fairy doors?  Because little kids love them.  They love searching for fairy doors and hearing stories about fairies.  You can keep kids busy for quite a while as they try to find all those doors.  And the stories you can make up.  I love that part!

To keep the doors from being peeled off the wall (because they are vinyl--our secret), I have devised a story which I am sticking with.  The door are magical.  Only fairies can open then.  If one tries to open a door, said door will turn into plastic and peel off the wall.  Then the fairies won't want to live in my house anymore.  This is powerful.  Who wants to be responsible for driving fairies out of the house?

How do fairies get around?  In my house they ride on dragonflies;-)
My fairy doors are from Wilson Graphics, an Etsy shop.  No relation, money exchanging hands, or freebies for this post, though.  Just including that info in case you want to get some to entertain any little people.

You can also get stuff to entertain the big kids like this piece that I put on the front of my washer.


  1. HAHA love the fairy doors but that shark just KILLS me (pun intended - we're gonna need a bigger BOAT!) --- I should order a similar one for my niece to put on her washing machine to entertain her little one --- maybe one a bit less scary though, LOL!

  2. Love it.
    I saw on some site (wish I could remember what photo place) that you can order these of your own photos.

  3. The fairy doors are a FABULOUS idea!!! Love the bit about the doors being magical, so as the kids don't peel them off.

  4. I love these--if I had little kids, I would totally rock some fairy doors. As for your comment, I DID date the student teacher--must be an upstate NY tradition!

  5. Oh my! I want some of these! My grandson will love them! And....I'm so checkin out that shark thing for my washer..which is a front loader, so it might not work. Love it!