Saturday, March 23, 2013

Did You All Remember To Go To Jutta's New Blog?

I had been looking for things to put on the walls of my newly finished "meditation room" when I saw this photo on Jutta blog a while back.  I loved the dichotomy between the zen-like statue and the drum set.  I also love the simplicity of the window setting and slight touch of color in the plant and outside vegetation.  After leaving her a comment about how much I liked it,  Jutta offered to send me a jpeg!  Now here it is hanging in my meditation room! 
As you may well know, the nasty Ohio company named Organized Living had lawyers send a threatening letter forcing Jutta to change the name of her blog from Organized Living Solutions (note it's not even the same name).  Jutta's blog is now named Tales of Love and Chocolate.  You did all make a nice, smooth transition to Jutta's new blog, right?    If not, there are a couple of links there for you!

If you aren't familiar with Jutta's blog, you should go visit.  She is an excellent writer who even shares her thoughts in poetry now and then.  Then there are the many awesome photographs, inventive ideas, and  interesting recipes.  Since Jutta lives in Namibia, you get to experience a place many of us would never see.   Namibia is now on my list of places I really want to visit someday. 


  1. I love Jutta and get her blog in my email so I never miss it! She is so awesome and you are an awesome friend for posting this!

  2. If I don't get something else going to replace iGoogle soon, I'm going to have to start getting my blogs by email--not a bad idea. Thank you!

  3. Jutta is one of my favourite bloggers and I've been following her by email for some time now. It's so sweet of you to do this post. Thanks so much for stopping by and following via bloglovin'. I'm following you now too.

  4. Thanks so much darling Barbara, and thanks to Danni and Tuula too. You guys are wonderful:-) :-) :-). The pic came out beautiful! You are always welcome here, please come and visit and get a dose of sunshine. Although I love the pictures of your snowy garden, such a nice contrast to the endless blue sky here