Monday, March 4, 2013

Cruise Ship Towel Creations

Since I loved coming back to the room to find some new creature made from towels while cruising on Carnival, I bought the book!  My husband may well be regretting that he encouraged me to do this.  Almost everyday since our return, Brian has had to admire and gently move the day's creation before getting into bed at night. I, on the hand, am having a wonderful time even though my creatures seldom look like the one in the book.  Take this guy for instance.
 Doesn't he look like Alf from the old television series (for those of you who are old enough to remember that ancient show)?  It's supposed to be a rabbit looking like the one in the photo below.
 It's not the directions which are perfectly clear with wonderful illustrations.  I just need practice.  Lots of practice.  Can you guess what this one is? 

No, not The Blob.  It's supposed to be a manta ray.  I keep using the same towels over and over.  I think I need to move on to some fresh ones--and keep practicing.  The other night Brian looked at what was my version of a pig and said, "Wow! What a great monkey!  Great job!"  He's so sweet.  At least they look like SOME kind of beast.  Close enough for me.


  1. If at first you don't succeed, keep trying. LOL No, no, they are cute! Your story today just made me laugh and I needed that. I bet you're a blast at a party.

  2. HAHAHA the first one DOES look like Alf - as yes, I'm definitely old enough to remember! We saw an episode a few days ago - our kids weren't as amused as we were ;)

    It's a hoot that you've bought the book and are trying out the cuties - I love that hubby gently moves your "projects" before getting into bed - I spit my Diet Dr. Pepper on my monitor when I read that, as my husband would either leave it where it was and sit on it to take off his socks, or would toss blankets on it to completely obliterate it!

  3. Well how fun it that??!! I think you should pick one and do a tutorial on it so we can have some fun too! And yes....that first one does look like ALF! That show was hilarious!

  4. I love it! Being creative is the cheapest therapy! Such a cute idea! My kids would love making these!

  5. I love Alfie!!! He looks just like my favorite dog, she is just black. Much cuter than the rabbit :-)