Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carnival Cruise

To the Bahamas fortunately, not Mexico.  No problems on our cruise.  Friends and relatives were in a panic when the news first came out about Carnival's Triumph cruise ship that was sailing (or limping) at the same time as our cruise.

We were fine with palm trees and beautiful beaches.

Entertainment was fun, food was great, and service exceptional.  Being a lover of cloth creatures, the daily towel creations always made my day.
Tilly and One-Eye were along for the adventure!

I tried making an elephant.  I need to work on this skill before posting pics, though.

This one was for Valentine's Day.
Atlantis' predator lagoon is truly filled with sharks.  Oddly, there is little between you and those sharks!  They are fairly small and, hopefully, well fed.
There is no fence here!  Now this should make parents watch their kids closely.

The walk-through aquarium there is amazing.
Got to love seahorses

These things were huge!
We sailed from New York City. Cool to get to sail past all the landmarks.
Setting out

and returning home.  Those are cranes on the not-quite-finished Freedom Tower.

Proof that Mr. Easton had a good time.  This is Cocoa Beach in Florida.

Proof that Mrs. Easton forgot her sunscreen at Cocoa Beach and got a sunburned nose.  It was worth it.

Only downside is coming back to this COLD weather.


  1. Loved the photo shoot ;-) Makes me really miss living in Florida.

    1. I'd feel terrible if I lived there and had to move! On the other hand I've seen pics of your place which is another place I'd love to settle in. My husband and I are debating now about a retirement place. Both Florida and the southwest are on the list--maybe California. One thing for sure is that it MUST have a much longer warm season than our present "maybe three months if you're lucky" New York.

  2. Oh how wonderful! Sun-burn and all! I remember my cruise and my sunglasses were missing one evening. The next morning they turned up on a towel creature!! So much fun! Glad you had a good time!

  3. I refused to take any of the creatures apart. By the end of the cruise, the room was filled with them! I bought the book they sell that shows how to make them. Brian says we won't need towel bars anymore, just shelves for the creatures.

  4. what gorgeous pictures!!! they make me smile just looking at them. it really looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. You're lucky you weren't on the Poop Cruise - it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Easton both had a fantastic time :D That picture of the eel is awesome!

  6. Fascinating towel creatures!!! Glad you had a great time, despite the little sunburn.

  7. I'm so jealous of Tilly & OneEye - they get to go on all the best holidays :) I can't wait to see the sun again, the weather is so miserable here in the UK - we had snow again at the weekend. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.x