Friday, December 28, 2012

Hi You All! Want to See a Rather Eerie Pillow?

So I stopped back because I dearly miss blogging and found that me last post about stopping the blog is missing.  I can't find it anywhere!  Kind of weird, yet fitting.

Two things have happened here.  First, life is calming down considerably with my mother's nursing home issues.  This have given me more time for the second thing, getting back to crafting.  Every time I finish something, I really want to share it with other crafty people.  Hence, my absolute need return to blogging.  I missed you guys!

While everyone was making cute Christmas stuff, I was playing with eyeballs to make this guy. 

I saw the idea for making the eyes on one blog (wish I could remember which one) and traveled among countless others trying to figure out just how someone with zero artistic ability could pull this off.
Set #1--quite happy with this set
Set #2--not so happy with this set

The center, where the iris is located, is concave.  After painting, I poured jewelry resin in this area.  It was supposed to stay in that area.  The rest of the eye would have varnish to get that shiny look. My resin overflowed covering the whole thing.  That works, too, though, and eliminates the need for varnish.  Here's a pic that kind of shows the reservoir of resin (I think or hope it does anyway). 
That shine gives a great glassy-eye stare.
After finishing this project, I saw that someone else photocopies irises and then cuts and pastes them on the baked polymer.  I just might give that a try next.

So the creature is presently guarding my house and creeping out visitors who suddenly notice that the pillow is staring at them.

Hope you all had a great Hanukkah (or Chanukah  if you prefer that spelling) or Christmas! 

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    OK that is seriously adorable, LOL - perfect for Christmas, I think - too many reindeer can get annoying - this little creepyguy rather breaks up the monotony! I have a pin that links to a blog post about how to make eyes - one of these days I'll get around to trying it - I think it'd be a hoot, and a great embellishment for a zipper bag (somehow), LOL!

    Welcome back - nice to see you posting again! I'm glad things are calming down with your mom - that must be a big relief!

  2. Now that pillow would scare me away from your house. Very clever making those eyes!!! Glad you are back!!!

  3. Oh I am glad you are back girl! I'm also glad things have settled down for you! That is one funny (but creepy) pillow! Nice job on the eyes!

  4. So glad your life has slowed and situation with your mum is better. Missed you!

    And I do like your furry creature. What brought him about? LOL

    1. After seeing the tutorial for making the eyes, I had to try it. As always, my plans are not always complete--what to do with two sets of giant clay eyes? The pillow seemed the easiest and quickest solution. Turns out to be a fun one, too. People either love this creature or look at me like I'm stranger than the pillow for having made it. I now know not to craft anything odd for those in the latter group!

  5. How wonderful! So you really are back :-). LOVE that pillow. Great that things have calmed down a bit for you.
    big hug