Sunday, May 27, 2012

Literary Quilt Top is Together!

I really need to take this outside for a photo.  The colors look drab here.  Actually they are drab in comparison to most of the print out there right now, but it's supposed to be a manly/scholarly kinda quilt.  It does still need a border, but I'm getting there! I'm going to practice my machine quilting on an old quilt top before tackling this one.

Now the rest of the day is for playing OUTSIDE!  The weather is just beautiful.  Here in the northeast, one needs to make the most of these kinds of day.

Happy Memorial Day to all those who celebrate it!  I do love having my best friend home for these long weekends.


  1. It looks gorgeous - how big is the flimsy? Happy Memorial Day weekend - I'm glad your weather is co-operating for you - I just read a blog post from a friend in PA and they're getting rained out! But I saw on the news that parts of California got snow today (WTH!!!) so it's crazy out there, lol!

    1. It's 60x60 right now, but I'm going to add a 2 inch border. I wanted to big enough for two to cuddle up for a read;-)

  2. It's not drab at all. I like the colours... perfect for a man!!!