Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do You Bring Along Sewing When You Travel??

The Clover and Violet blog has a linky going for readers to show the sewing they take along when traveling.  These are pics of my travel sewing complete with kit.  I make yo-yos for the most part, but have put in some hexagon supplies now, too.
Recycled containers to hold everything.  The Pandora box holds my scissors,
thread, and needles.The padded top is perfect for the needles.
The plastic zippered bag is recycled from some Adidas item.

Yo-yo makers, material scraps, box with needles, thread and scissors, a bag to
 keep the hexies separate, and another for the finished yo-yos.
There you have it!  I hope you will head over to Clover and Violet to let us all know what  sewing projects you do when traveling.

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  1. I would be happiest taking my sewing machine and all accoutrements when going on vacation, but sadly, hubby would likely say that I can sew at home, so we may as well STAY at home! I can't go away though without some kind of project to work on - it used to be cross-stitch but then it got to be too much for my eyes and fingers, so now I try to find something small to work on. I bought a lucet to make cord with, and making hexies would be good too!