Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pics from the First Hike of the Season

We went hiking on Saturday!!  Thought I'd share some photos from Sanders Preserve which is in Glenville, New York about twenty minutes from my house.
   Love this view from the road.

One thing I really appreciated was the labeling on some of the trees.

Apparently oak trees don't like to be labeled, though.
And Pin Oaks really, really don't like labels. This one has not only eaten the label but also spit part of it out.

I wish I had a recording of the stream running through the preserve.  It's better than those I've heard on relaxations cds!  

These little dried leaves that have hung on through the winter were making a papery chime sound that I also wish I could have recorded.
I was hoping my camera would catch the blur of movement in the leaves.  These were actually in constant motion from just a slight wind.  

I have a thing for taking photos of tree fungus and bark.  Am I the only one?  I love these photos!

Here's Mother Nature in her artist mode.  Does this not look like a modern sculpture?

I'm not sure if this is still Mother Nature in her artist mode or showing her sense of humor.  Can you see it?

I had to go off the path to get a close-up.

Am I the only one that sees the mother of all trees there??  Okay, okay, fine.  Moving on and closing with just one more lovely shot.

That is the lovely Mr. Easton who I'm sure wished I'd stop taking so many photos but was too nice to say it.


  1. Fiesty oaks, lol!! And sorry, but I see *two* naughty trees - Mother Nature definitely has a sense of humour, LOL!! We had a bit of snow yesterday - it was mixed with rain and didn't stick at all, but it was a bit depressing to see it coming down, lol. It isn't going to warm up much in the next couple of weeks - it's a bit cooler than normal, but oh well - it IS only April still - we've gotten snow in MAY before, so this is just par for the course!

  2. So, I'm not the only one! I did notice that other tree, but couldn't get up the nerve to point it out! I'm convinced that Mother Nature has children who were out there putting their brand of graffiti in the woods. Fortunately, I love a good joke;-}

  3. LOL - I see 2 naughty trees as well! Your pics are fab - I particularly like the dried leaf photo - they look like 'natural' bunting, lovely. x