Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The New York City Trip and a Bit of Exciting News

I really do love New York City.  We went down for the day Saturday just to hang out a bit.  Macy's Flower Show was great!  Cool to see all the flowers since only the crocuses have popped up where I live.

Know the coolest part of the flower show?  Macy's pays you to go.  Really.  As you're leaving they give you a $10 card to spend in the store.  I should have taken a photo of the glittery socks I found.  I do have a thing for socks.  Other women buy shoes.  I buy socks.

Gotta show you the windows also decked out in the Brazilian Floral theme:

My lovely husband even tolerated a few hours in the garment district.
7th Ave. changes to Fashion Ave!
Not many pics of it though.  I was too busy shopping.  We found Mood Fabrics--couldn't miss the place where Project Runway contestants shop!  You have to know the address cuz it's on the third floor and there is no sign downstairs!  Then you take a charming old elevator complete with charming old elevator operator up to the store.  It's actually three floors of rolled fabric from floor practically to ceiling.

We also went to the New York Library.  Libraries are among my most favorite places.  I always thought I wanted to be a librarian until I worked in one for a while years ago.  I had the worst time NOT reading every book I picked up.  Shelving books took me much longer than it should have what with me sneaking a peak at the insides way too often.
Had to have a pic with one of the library lions!
 My camera wasn't up to Grand Central Station's incredible ceiling, but I did get a nice shot of the famous clock!

and the Empire State Building:
They're working on the top:
And the exciting news?  We're going to be visiting New York City more often starting in September.  My oldest son Kyle has been accepted in the Master of Divinity program at the Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York--that's the official name of the place with "in the City of New York".   He and Melissa will be moving down there at the end of August.  As much as I will miss them, I'm excited for them.  This will be quite an adventure!


  1. Beautiful flowers! Congratulation to your son (and to you!). I've never been to NYC.

  2. Cute! Great post.


  3. Well it looks like fun was had in The City That Never Sleeps! I'd love to go there on a tour sometime --- my brother and SIL have been several times and LOVED it, and my oldest son (who was there a few years ago for a band trip) also loved it. Are you going to post photos of your Fashion District purchases? ;)