Monday, July 25, 2011

Sewing Room is Finished

Finally.  I can't believe this room is finished.  Lots of work, but here it is.

That high chair is for use at the cutting table when I get tired of standing.  I have one desk chair that I slide between this sewing table with the serger and embroidery machine to the other sewing table shown below with the two sewing machines.  Yes, I know four machines is a bit over the top, but both the machines I use for straight sewing were purchased used and really inexpensive. One is always set with light thread and the other dark so that I can mend things quickly.

I love Craigslist.  That sewing machine on the right was a brand new, still-in-the box Brother Project Runway.  For the $200 I paid for it, I also got a Lutterloh pattern-making system complete with the dressmaker curved rulers, large ruled ironing pad, and yards of heavy denim fabric.   I have a Brookstone back massager on the chair. The cord gets tangled on occasion, but it is worth it.  My new thread storage is in the corner.  I blogged about it here if you want to see what I did with that.

The armoire is filled with sewing/crafting supplies,  Both sides of it have pegboard inserts for hanging things that I use often.   You can read more about making the inserts here.   The big stereo on top is for my books on CD.  I dearly love to listen to them while sewing or crafting.

This furniture set was also a great buy from Craigslist although the rest of the family doesn't agree with me on that. Every last one of them has politely told me it is ugly!   I find it to be attractive in a rustic kind of way and comfortable and cheap at $250 and so much better than nothing.  The tan ottoman was from the Habitat ReStore.  It only needed casters AND it has storage space inside.

My cutting table is next to the chair when not being used.  I blogged about the vinyl closet door decals here.  The large expanse of plain white closet doors just didn't work for me.  The hubster and I made the button wall plaque which I love.  I did a post with a tutorial last week if you want to see it.  Last, a second-hand flat screen television just in case I don't have any good books on CD.

Now I have to put that cutting table back in the center of the room and get to work.


  1. Great looking room! I am a reading-sewer, too. Love those audio books.

  2. What a great space! I can't believe the deal you got on that sewing machine!! WOW!

  3. I love your new room, it looks so organized!! I redid my room but have it messed up and haven't had time to clean it back up.

  4. I am visiting via Someday Crafts. This is an absolutely adorable project!

    If you have written a post about a great restaurant, store or perhaps taken a fun trip I am now hosting a new linky party entitled Wayfaring Wednesdays. Come on by!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I am so jealous! Pretty please, will you come visit me?!

  6. You place looks comfy. I'm still working of getting mine ready.

    By the way...
    I found your blog through Someday Crafts.

  7. Great job! So fun to have a nice space to sew in! Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love!

  8. Great job on the sewing room! Thank you for linking up at Sew Woodsy last week. Hope you'll join us again tomorrow!

  9. It's all come together so well, you should be very proud of yourself and I'm quite jealous! I must at least tidy my area now :) P.S. We're big audio book fans too, we have a really good local library with a great choice on hand. Happy sewing. x

  10. Man that looks soooo nice! Great job and I know you are enjoying it! We closed in our front porch back in March for me a sewing room. Hubby had a hip replacement at the end of March and we had to go to P.T. for a couple months. I am finally being able to get mine fixed and organized now. I have blogged all about the process. lol