Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hadley Mountain Near the Sacandaga Reservoir

My daughter, Keegan,  wanted to go hiking so we went up Hadley Mountain last weekend.  It's a nice little hike with an inspiring view.  There was a bit of a crowd at the top although the trail was not crowded.  It was a perfectly beautiful day!  The pictures came out well although there was a good bit of haze looking down on the water.   I love the rolling landscape in the distance. 

There is still a fire tower on top of Hadley.  You can't get into the room at the top, but you can still climb up to the entryway.  This is my lovely husband, Brian, in front of the tower. (I told you there was a crowd at the top!)   Both my parents grew up in the town of Long Lake in the Adirondacks.  One of the women in their group of friends spent a summer working in one of the fire towers and wrote a book about it.  Normally only guys would get that job, but it was during WWII.  I would have loved to do that!  It is a quaint little memoir that was not widely published, but I loved it. 

I did make it all the way up.  Here's proof. 

Here's Keegan sunning at the top.  How cool that the rocks make a lounge chair!

Although this next picture is hazy the view of the winding water is too nice to leave out.

See that--there is something more to New York State than the city. I climbed a bunch of these little ones but have only done one of the 46 High Peaks.  Mt. Marcy is off my list to becoming a 46er.  While it is the highest, it is not even near the top of the list for most difficult.  I'm not sure I even want to try doing them all.  I prefer taking my time, getting pictures, stopping for every little beast, rock, or plant that captures my attention.

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