Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun Candles at the Craft Fair in Vermont

I wasn't going post about the Manchester fair because I got so few pictures.  I know people get upset that others are going to copy their designs--understandably, so the camera stayed in my bag.  You have to buy at least one if you are going to attempt to copy it! At two, three, four hundred, and more this was definitely a "look at" trip for the most part. These kinds of craft fairs are far more art than craft. 

I did find Otter Creek Candles, though, and they are well worth sharing .  They have soy candles in a huge selection of fragrances.  My Otter Creek candle burns cleaner and much more slowly than most others I've had.    It was heaven to check out all the choices at their booth, but nearly impossible to decide which one to get. I finally went with one that would to be fun as well as scenty.  Are you ready for this?  Monkey Farts.  Yes, it is gross and juvenile.  I couldn't even  bring myself to smell it at first,  but the owner insisted it was a banana tropical scent that just was not selling under its original name. Its actually a beautiful soft scent--just a touch of banana.  Now, it's a top seller.  See--I'm not alone in having a sick sense of humor.  My kids enjoyed the joke and I got a great candle.  I'm happy.

Check out the Otter Creek website.  Mixed in with their large number of socially acceptable choices are just a few fun ones.  I'm going to have fun with those this Christmas. 

I did get a few pictures to show you what a lovely day we had. Not many craft fairs have this view all around.

 Even the weather was perfect.

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