Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sewing again!

Why is it that I can't find the time to sew but always find the time to buy fabric?  I've been picking up bits and pieces of fabric and have some great projects in mind for all of them.  Yesterday I washed and ironed all the new fabric!  I try not to put any fabric away until I've washed it.  Occasionally something sneaks, through, and there is nothing more annoying to me than thinking I'm about to start sewing and finding I haven't pre-washed the fabric.

Finally, last night I started the actual sewing part.  I took apart the slouch bag that ended up having handles that were too short.  That will be finished today.  I've got some beautiful striped fabric for a bag that has the stripes going in opposite directions for the pockets.  Hopefully, that will be finished today as well--if I can just stick to the pattern rather than trying to modify it.  I shall post the pictures tonight and include the pattern sources.

And last, I'm going to finish a sock creature (or two!).  I've also been collecting some fun socks and designing new sock creatures.  Actually I should say I'm redesigning ones that I find in books for the most part.  It's not that I'm more creative, but, rather, that I am continue to have problems with sticking to the original patterns.  I'm going to try to finish off one of those projects today as well. 

Now if I can just ignore the house and the family for the day, it should be a great day for sewing. 

With the new job settling down,  it is so nice to get back to both sewing and blogging.  I've gotten five volunteers signed on in the first month. I don't know who was more surprised and pleased--me or the nursing home.  Oh, no, scratch that.  It's a "residential health care facility."  I guess the term, "nursing home" has gone or is going the way of  "used car."   I'm surprised that nurses are still called that.  Soon I shall have to say I am going to the residential health care facility in my pre-owned car to talk to a residential health care practitioner :-)

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