Friday, July 23, 2010

PVC Piping for Drawer Clutter

I hate messy drawers and shelves.  I also hate spending money on expensive storage solutions.  More often than not, these store-bought dividers don't fit my drawers anyway.  I saw a post somewhere long ago about using PVC piping for the catch-all drawer.  Everyone has one of those--or two or three.  I really work hard on keeping that down to one drawer, and I've kept it in check for the most part.  My mess was the in the clothing area.  Socks and, well, other things that just don't fold well or stay in place.  We had some leftover PCV pipe from house projects that fit the "well, other things," so I started there.  We tried a few pieces to make sure the pipe diameter would work.  Then we cut pieces to a height that would fit in the drawer.  Between small baskets that have accumulated over the years for belts and the piping for "well, other things," I've been able to keep this drawer in check for a couple of years now.  Sometimes I fold "the things" nicely and slide them in.  Sometimes I just stuff them in the pipe.  Either way, the drawer always looks great.  Here's the proof.

I did sand the edges a little to make sure they wouldn't catch on the fabric, but the need was really minimal.  I intended to use them for a while to see what arrangement would work, and then glue them together.  The drawer is full enough, however, that they stay in place.  Should I miraculously have so much drawer space in the future that these fall over, I'll get the glue out.  I might even hit them some spray paint for plastic!  Yeah, right!  That's only going to happen if I use that ugly purple stuff plumbers use for gluing. 

I'm still waiting to find some larger piping for the socks.  I am hoping that posting this will encourage me to get to the Habitat ReStore to find some.  If you have not visited a Habitat ReStore, do try to find one.  They are usually worth a trip especially for those who are able to think outside the box. 

While I'm on the subject, see that little bit of orange in the right-hand corner?  Scissors for cutting off tags on all the stuff that comes home.  I spent years running downstairs for the scissors before I smartened up and kept a pair in the room.  Then it took a while longer to realize that the scissors needed to have a narrow, pointed end to fit in tight spaces such as the bulky bits of thread used to sew labels on the waist of pants.  (Why do manufacturers do that, anyway?)  Martha Stewart has probably written about this in one of her many books already.  Just in case, though, I'm going to say it:  Put some scissors in the bedroom especially if you sew.  The sewing room/area is usually closer than that junk drawer where you keep the crappy scissors.  In a rush to get dressed, you WILL have a POWERFUL  urge to break that rule about never using the good scissors on anything but fabric.

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