Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mixed Media Collage from Kim and Kris at diydish.com

Just in time for Mother's Day--here is a link to a video by Kim and Kris on creating a collage of photos and other things on an inexpensive canvas frame.  The results are impressive.  The process seems easy, quick, and quite inexpensive.  As you will see, the requirements are a canvas, some decoupage paste, photos printed on a laser printer using regular photocopy paper, and a few crafty things like flowers, beads, or really anything number of things you might want to glue on to personalize the collage. I don't have a laser printer or a good friend with one willing to let me use up their color ink cartridge.  As suggested, I will be using the big box office supply store.

I'm looking forward to creating one (or two).  I'll post the results.

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